Discussing  vision, needs & wants with our clients is a crucial phase for of our shared understanding. We take our clients desires on board and listen very carefully so as to deliver a space which will bring joy. Beauty really is within the eye of the beholder so we try our upmost to embody the design preferences of our clients within our work. There are many occasions when the client will give us free reign to create a stunning environment nevertheless we still like to share images of what we are purchasing unless it’s agreed that they would like to be surprised! Revealing the before and after moment to our clients still gives us such a thrill, it truly makes us happy to create beautiful, zen or inspirational spaces.
Measuring the proposed space is critical for new furniture to fit or even making moving existing heavy furniture a practical choice! It allows us to provide accurate costing.
Photographing the space helps us match colours and visualize new furniture within the same space whilst we are selecting items from suppliers, it also works as a handy reminder of what may or may not be possible within the parameters of what exists.
Discussing design scheme & budget really helps us identify the suppliers we will need to visit. We can deliver a similar look on very different budgets. Each client will have a different appreciation of what makes them happy. We’ll always give you the options at the outset so we can meet your budget.
Documenting anything to remain helps us work with the clients favorite items and incorporate them within the final design.
If a client can provide an existing floor plan this truly helps us a great deal especially when approvals work is required for complete fit outs.